Kerala Sound Light

& Led Expo 2020

3,4,5 JULY 2020


Calicut (Kozhikode) | Kerala | INDIA

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Audio Video Technologies, Audio Visual systems, Audio Networking, Audio for Film & TV, Club & Disco Lighting, Consoles & Outbound, Cables, Connectors & Switches, digital signage, Digital Storage & Archiving, Headphones, Line Array, Lasers & Effects, Lighting Control & Automation, LED & display Technologies, LED Pixel & Controllers, Mixers, Multi Projectors, Displays, Microphone Systems, Monitoring Systems, PA Systems, Rack & Mounting Systems Radio Production & Playout, Rigging, sound Reinforcement, Stage sound Systems & Lights, Studio Lights and Audio Sound Proofing, Acoustics Insulation,Theater & Auditorium Lighting, Trussing, 3D Projection Systems & Glass.

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Kerala State Hire Owners Association is an organisation of the owners who lend needed things like tents, light and sounds, seating arrangements, plates and cutlery items, and other event related equipments for the consumers on special occasions all over Kerala for temporary use. The association formed in 1991 in kerala and actively working for last 28 years since its formation. The association is basically formed to help the members looking after their business in a nice way and to works together for legal rights that they deserve. The Association has taken many initiatives for the welfare of the members for last two and half decades. The association actively involves in the disputes among its members and helping them to reach amicable solutions. The association is well in to the charitable activities all over Kerala, including pain and palliative clinics supports, helping the poor etc and the works are coordinated through the local units. The Associations General Body meeting takes place every month, and implements decisions taken during such meetings. The association is very much present in all 14 districts of Kerala in the name Kerala State Hire Goods Owners Association (KSHGOA). Tamil Nadu has the same association as Tamil Nadu Hire Goods Owners Association (TNHGOA). These organisations have a mother organisation at all India level as All India lent dealers Welfare Association which is present in almost all parts of India. Besides, Kerala State Hire Goods Owners Associations have initiated a women wing to encourage and strengthen women business initiatives in this regards.  

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Sarovaram Bio Park, Ernaphalam

Kozhikode - Kerala, India

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